Our Projects

The Therapeutic Research Foundation, Inc.(TRF) is one of the only non-profit, biotechnology companies in the USA, with a mission to develop innovative, affordable, and therapeutic medical solutions to address unmet global health needs. TRF develops therapies at cost and sold at a cost which provides benefit and increased accessibility by the people while assuring self-sustainment of the foundation. With the help of strategic alliances, partnerships with academia and industry, the strength and giving of the people and philanthropists alike, TRF has entered into a new frontier of research and development: taking otherwise untouchable therapies–experimental drugs and treatments with only limited profit margins and conducting the necessary R&D to take products to market. The TRF serves as an innovative scientific platform to develop needed therapies.

TRF Currently has Two Projects:

(1) NAVIGATIONAL ASSIST There are over 285 million people who are blind and low vision (BLV) worldwide. Of those, 246 million have low or impaired vision and 39 million people are blind and still rely on white canes; therefore, a continued need exists to develop navigational tools. TRF conducted a survey in collaboration with National Federation of the Blind (NFB) whereby nearly 400 members were interviewed regards navigation. Based on the survey results (http://www.journalijiar.com/article/697/a55-question-survey-and-focus-group-to-define-technology,healthcare-and-navigation-needs-for-the-blind-and-low
vision./) TRF concluded that it would be best to examine a navigation assist device that would complement the cane. TRF is currently raising funds to develop a cost- effective application which merges current technologies and communicates via video feed from eyeglasses and smartphone interaction.

(2) ANTIBIOTIC The rise and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria has resulted in increased number of untreatable infections – a major public threat. History has shown that empirical screening approaches have yielded all the major discoveries. The approach involves screening for novel organisms from natural sources (soil, roots, leaves, etc.) not screened before. It is our belief that while many sources have been screened in the past, numerous areas remain underexplored. In addition, microbial flora in a source screened decades back, needs to be rescreened as the flora changes as a function of time. This understanding is further supported by a National Microbiome Initiative to foster the integrated study of microbiomes across different ecosystems.
To learn more about TRF and our projects please visit our website @ www.tr-f.org. Your donation will facilitate TRF research efforts and help those in need. If you would prefer, we are also searching for volunteers to round out our Board and Team in accounting, social media, fundraising and grant writing, etc. We welcome your inquiry to discuss further details. Please contact us at info@tr-f.org.

Statement of Need

Please help our mission to develop innovative, affordable, and therapeutic medical solutions to address unmet global health needs, the TRF serves as a scientific platform for collaboration and a bridge between academia and industry. “Doing Science for the Right Reasons”.™

Thank you for your support.